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San Francisco's Moving History



Tuesday, November 29

guest speaker: Diane Donovan

The history of moving buildings in San Francisco is rich, stretching from Gold Rush times to modern times, and is second only to that of Chicago. Three years ago, an amazing image of horses moving a Victorian building caught Diane Donovan’s eye and led her to recall her childhood landlord’s stories. As an online editor and researcher, Diane’s skills were already in place to take a closer look – and the more she researched, the more of this rich history was exposed. Her book, San Francisco Relocated, is an introduction to a topic holding many more rich, moving stories than could be covered in one book.

In her presentation, Diane describes some of the house moves featured in her book and adds further details. Photos help illustrate the changing mechanics of these building moves from the 1850s to modern times, the motivations of movers and homeowners to relocate their structures, and the changing world that finally ended a lively, profitable business in the city.

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