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2014 meeting dates

January 28
February 25
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Where have all the San Franciscans gone - Colma?


Tuesday, August 26

guest speaker: Dale Seuss

Dale Suess will talk about the cemeteries that once dotted the landscape in western San Francisco. Dale is a former historian for Cypress Lawn Cemetery a co-founding member of the California Historical Cemetery Alliance and has served on the board of directors of the Old City Cemetery in Sacramento. As a noted historian in the field of mortuary customs, creative rituals, cemetery art and memorialization, Dale is one of the most knowledgeable speakers in his field and has lectured widely nationwide while also serving as a consultant to many funeral establishments. He owns an extensive collection of funerary items, slides, and photographs, and has researched, visited and photographed numerous cemeteries on the West Coast.

Visit the meetings page for more details.


25th Anniversary of the 1989 Earthquake


Tuesday, September 30

guest speakers:  Dennis Kennedy, Erica Arteseros, and Bert Doll

This panel features three San Franciscans who will talk about the dramatic Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17, 1989. The speakers will be: Dennis Kennedy (retired fireboat engineer), Erica Arteseros (program coordinator of the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team—NERT), and Bert Doll (a Marina resident at the time of the earthquake).

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