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OpenSFHistory Noe Valley to Diamond Heights


Courtesy of a Private Collector via OpenSFHistory.orgTuesday, March 28

guest speakers: Woody LaBounty and David Gallagher

OpenSFHistory is a project by the Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP) to scan and make available to the public more than 100,000 historical images of San Francisco donated to the nonprofit organization by a private collector. Woody LaBounty and David Gallagher, cofounders of WNP, will present selected views from the collection of today’s Noe Valley and Diamond Heights neighborhoods, and share the stories behind the snapshots. Highlights include agricultural and architectural past, stunning natural landscapes,and the early origins of the 24th Street, Church Street, and Outer Mission Street commercial corridors.

Visit the meetings page for more details.


Splendid Survivors

Tuesday, April 25

guest speaker: Joseph Amster 

Many people assume that the devastation caused by the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fires was total, but a surprising number of buildings within the fire zone survived and are still with us today. Some burned but were rebuilt, while others survived unscathed. We walk past many of them every day, unaware of their status.

Which neighborhood was saved because of whisky? Why did a cluster of Market Street buildings survive? What damage from the fire can still be seen? Which grand hotels burned, but were refurbished? Why is the phoenix on San Francisco’s city flag and seal (it’s not because of 1906)?

Join historian, tour guide, and SFHA board member Joseph Amster to learn the answers to these questions and the stories behind these survivors.

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