Let us lead you through this city's colorful history with talks and slide shows given by guest speakers selected from the Bay Area's diverse arts and literary community.

Mission Statement

The San Francisco History Association is a group dedicated to remembering our City's colorful past, and to celebrating its rich culture today.

History of the SFHA

The San Francisco History Association was founded almost accidentally in July, 1982, after a group of collectors met at the first San Francisco Fair at the Moscone Center. While exhibiting their San Francisco history collections at the three-day event, these collectors started chatting about their mutual interest in SF's history. They decided to form a group, The San Francisco History Collectors Association, to share historical tales and information on collecting historical artifacts.

Over the years, however, the Collectors Association began to grow, attracting members interested in general San Francisco history rather than specifically collecting. These history buffs respectfully requested the group drop "Collectors" from the organization's name. When the group agreed, it became the San Francisco History Association we know and love today.

In 2017 SFHA is now celebrating its 35th year, with a dedicated membership passionately involved in preserving, restoring, and remembering San Francisco's history.


"Best Place to Meet Senior Hipsters"

2001 SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Winner
San Francisco History Association


"Best Postcards from the Edge of Time"

2004 SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay Winner
San Francisco History Association






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