2018 Recipients: 20th Annual Awards

Sandy CavallaroRon Ross Founder’s Award

Sandy Cavallaro attended her first SFHA meeting the week she moved to San Francisco in January of 1995. In 1999, she began a 20-year tenure as Secretary of the organization, establishing its online presence, managing audio/video and tech support, and stamping and labelling thousands of postcards. She is also known as “The Ron Whisperer.” Despite the presence of a few gray hairs, she happily remains the SFHA's youngest board member at the time of her retirement.

Anchor Brewing Company Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company is one of America’s oldest breweries, with an extraordinary heritage dating to the California Gold Rush. In 1965, Fritz Maytag rescued the struggling brewery from bankruptcy, at a time when mass-produced, mass-marketed beer completely dominated the American brewing landscape. Together, Maytag and Anchor ignited a revolution that paved the way for today’s craft-beer movement. Anchor Brewing and its original Anchor Steam Beer — Anchor’s flagship brand since 1896 — are San Francisco treasures and world classics.

Kristine Poggioli & Carolyn EidsonOscar Lewis Award

San Francisco’s 49 Mile Scenic Drive was born in 1938 when the world was invited to visit San Francisco for the 1939–40 Golden Gate International Exposition and think about doing business here. Kristine Poggioli and Carolyn Eidson walked the entire route over one year, researched the history along each mile of the drive, and turned their adventure into a turn-by-turn guidebook, Walking San Francisco's 49 Mile Scenic Drive, filled with the quirky, unknown history they uncovered on the way.

The Tenderloin MuseumWalter Jebe Sr. Neighborhood Award

The Tenderloin Museum celebrates the rich history of one of San Francisco's most overlooked neighborhoods. Through history exhibitions, resident-led walking tours, community programs, and the presentation of original artwork, the Tenderloin Museum invites all comers to learn about the roots of our dynamic neighborhood, and reclaim our city's past and future. The 31 blocks of the Tenderloin District are a microcosm of San Francisco, peopled by immigrants and iconoclasts, artists and activists, sinners and saints.

2017 19th Annual Awards — 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love - 35th Anniversary of the SFHA    

Imperial Court of San Francisco Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Nick Bovis Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Paul DrexlerOscar Lewis Award

Dr. David E. Smith Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award

2016 - 18th Annual Awards    

The Emperor's Bridge Campaign Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Max Kirkeberg Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Paul Madonna Oscar Lewis Award

Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award

2015 - 17th Annual Awards    

Mr. Gary Kamiya - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Mr. Emmitt Watson  Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Ms. Laura Ackley - Oscar Lewis Award

Western Neighborhoods Project Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award

2014 - 16th Annual Awards    

Mr. Gary Kurutz - devotion and work for the Sutro Library - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Mr. John Martini - historian - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Ms. Amy Meyer - author - Oscar Lewis Award

Mr. Paul Kozakiewicz - editor and publisher of the Richmond Review and the Sunset Beacon - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award

2013 - 15th Annual Awards    

San Francisco Recreation and Parks - restoration of the Murphy Windmill - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Campaign to Save the Golden Gate Windmills - restoration of the Murphy Windmill - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Mr. Paul Rosenberg - historian- Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Mr. Richard Reinhardt - author - Oscar Lewis Award

Visitacion Valley History Project - archive and research about Visitacion Valley - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award


2012 - SFHA celebrated our 30th Anniversary! 


2011 - 14th Annual Awards   

The Maybeck Foundation - restoration of the Palace of Fine Arts - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Marilyn Blaisdell - SF photo books - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Dr. Gray Brechin - architectural historian, columnist and TV producer - Oscar Lewis Award

Bernal History Project - archive and research about Bernal Heights - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award

2010 - 13th Annual Awards    photo album

San Francisco Parks Trust - restoration of the Conservatory of Flowers - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Prelinger Library - SF history archive - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Lee Houskeeper - April 18, 1906 commemoration - Oscar Lewis Award

Ed Byberg - historian at The Presidio - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award


2009 - 12th Annual Awards     photo album

Wells Fargo History Museum  SF and CA history archive & museum - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Bob Bowen - author - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Kevin Mullen - author - Oscar Lewis Award 

Potrero Hill Archives – neighborhood archive - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award 


2008 -  11th Annual Awards    photo album 

The San Francisco Arts Commission - preserving the Portals of the Past in Golden Gate Park - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library – SF history archive - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Heyday Books – publisher of SF and CA history books - Oscar Lewis Award

John Gaul – historian at Haas-Lilienthal House - Walter Jebe, Sr. Neighborhood Award


2007 - SFHA 25th Anniversary Celebration


2006 - 10th Annual Awards Dinner 

San Francisco Fire Department Historical Society – 1906 Earthquake and Fire 100 year Expo and preserving the artifacts and history of the SFFD - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Kit Haskell – SFHA program chair for 9 years - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Arcadia Publishing
– published over 30 history books of SF neighborhoods and local interest - Oscar Lewis Award

Lorri Ungaretti – authored neighborhood history books on the Sunset and the Richmond Districts - Walter Jebe , Sr. Neighborhood Award

2005 - 9th Annual Awards Dinner 

The Victorian Alliance of San Francisco – preservation and restoration of Victorian an other historic structures - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Woody LaBounty
– author and co-founded the Western Neighborhoods Project - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Rand Richards - author - Oscar Lewis Award

2004 - 8th Annual Awards

Market Street Railway Association – preservation of  vintage street railway cars - Ron Ross Founder’s Award
Jose Sarria a.k.a. The Widow Norton -  leads processions to pay respects to SF history character and activist for gay rights - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award
Charles A. Fracchia - author and founder of The San Francisco Historical Society. - Oscar Lewis Award    

2003 - 7th Annual Awards

Kathleen Manning – author and preservationist - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Edward Galland Zelinsky - preservation of the Musee Mecanque - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Br. Guire Cleary, S.S.F
- Mission Dolores historian and author - Oscar Lewis Award

2002 - 6th Annual Awards 

Golden Gate Ferry Division – 1906 Earthquake and Fire survivors commemorative ferry rides - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Donna Ewald Huggins – Panama Pacific International Exposition historian - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Taren Sapienza – 1906 Earthquake and Fire commemoration and celebration  - Oscar Lewis Award


2001 - 5th Annual Awards 

City Guides – preservation and history education - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

San Francisco Architectural Heritage Foundation – Haas-Lilenthal House - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Windgate Press – publishers of SF history books  - Oscar Lewis Award


2000 - 4th Annual Awards 

Walter G. Jebe, Sr. – historian  - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Hon. George T. Choppelas – Judge Court of Historical Review - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Carl W. Nolte SF Chronicle Columist reporting SF history preservation efforts  - Oscar Lewis Award


1999 - 3rd Annual Awards 

Mayor Willie L. Brown – City Hall restoration - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Alessandro Baccari Jr. – author and historian  - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Malcolm E. Barker - author - Oscar Lewis Award


1998 - 2rd Annual Awards 

Dr. Kevin Starr- author and historian - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Noah Griffin - historian - Award of Merit 

Daniel Bacon – author and founder of Barbary Coast Trail - Award of Merit 

Jane Bressler  - SFHA program coordinator - Award of Merit


1997 - 1st Annual Awards 

Ron Ross – founder of the San Francisco History Association - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Gladys Hansen – archivist  - Ron Ross Founder’s Award

Elaine Molinari – Beach Chalet preservation - Dr. Albert Shumate Memorial Award

Elfreda J. Menzel  - founding member and financial officer for the SFHA - Award of Merit

Jane Cryan – 1906 refugee shack preservation - Award of Merit